Post Production


Whether you're making a 30 second promo or a full length feature film, our experienced and award winning production team treat every project with the attention to detail it deserves.




What makes a great editor? Attention to detail, organisation, shot selection, timing, understanding of tone and pace, continuity, use of movement... and the ability to focus for hours on a single piece of work or scene! All of our editors have this in spades... having spent years behind the keyboard honing their skills, they understand how to manage the entire creative process with the edit in mind. End result: a final cut that is creative, original, powerful and in keeping with our clients’ commercial or narrative goals!
Here are some samples of our short-form commercials, on-air promotions and narrative films.




Grading is one of the more underappreciated aspects of post
production. That doesn’t mean it’s unimportant—a good grade
can have a huge impact on the final look of a film, turning a good
shot into an excellent one, and an excellent shot into eye-popping
film poster material.


With our state-of-the art grading facilities we can grade
4K footage in real time, meaning less time spent rendering and more
time spent discovering the perfect look for your project.

Sound Design & Mixing

Sound Design & Mixing

You know you’re listening to good sound design and mixing when
you don’t notice the sound design and mixing. Welcome to one
of the humbler facets of filmmaking. 


The Film & TV Company treats every step of the process with
the respect it deserves, whether it’s the glamour of calling ‘Action!’
on set or the unseen backroom work perfecting the sound design.
You’d be amazed what a difference the specific tone of an everyday sound
effect, like a doorbell, makes to a finished scene. In case you
hadn’t noticed, we love this kind of nit-picking.