About Us


We. Make. Film.

What is The Film & TV Company? The clue’s in the name.
From broadcast standard commercials, music videos and
TV drama to feature and short films… if it’s filmable, we
film it. We’ve made on-air promotions for Sony’s Movies4Men
channel, children’s television for Pop! TV and full-length
action and horror features like ‘Dawning of the Dead’.
We’re a production and post-production facility based in
an old manor house near Milton Keynes, close to the M1
and the growing Oxford-Cambridge business belt.
We specialise in short-form commercial work but can
tackle anything. We live, breathe and sleep film.
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The Team

The Film & TV Company is a mixture of old hands and bright young things, giving us the best of both worlds—a combined experience of over 70 years in the industry and starry-eyed youthful enthusiasm. We’re a friendly bunch of creatives with a strong sense of fun, a rebellious streak and more drive than a Lamborghini.