Production is at the heart of what The Film & TV Company does. It’s why we get up in the morning. We film till we drop. There’s nothing better than going to bed after a successful shoot, knowing you’ve got what you wanted in the can.




We have produced thousands of broadcast standard commercials for many well-known TV channels worldwide.
Since early 2016 we have created all the promo material for the Sony Pictures Entertainment channel Movies4Men. In this time the channel has achieved some of its highest ratings since it began. That’s just a small part of The Film & TV Company’s huge portfolio.



Broadcast Promotions

We know what it takes to produce to a strict on-air schedule. We are committed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensuring that deadlines are hit, and at broadcast quality. Check out some of our on-air promotions, like the channel idents and on-air bumpers for Sony Pictures Entertainment’s True Crime channel.



Music Videos

It’s a fine line between a good music video and a really striking one—and it starts with your track. Here at F&TV we love to grab hold of a good concept and take it to the next level with a music video that enhances the artist’s vision for the song.



Feature & Short Films


Narrative films are where we really to get to let our hair down. We have a garage full of props and we’re not afraid to use them. We love to dress up (well, to get actors to dress up). We love creating epic set pieces using smoke and mirrors. We’ve done it before. From the World War 2 action of ‘Suicide Platoon’ to the comedy horror of ‘Cute Little Buggers’, the F&TV team loves narrative film! 

No matter what stage your project is at and whatever your budget, we can maximise your on-screen production value and help you realise the artistic goals of your project.