We are all about finding people who LOVE what they do and creating an environment where they can do what they do best!


Full Production Crews

We pride ourselves on having an eye for talent, when we find people we
know can deliver something special, we tend to keep them around. Our
team have years of experience in producing feature length and short films,
commercials and music videos and include producers, directors, directors
of photography, sound designers, set designers, grips, gaffers, sparks,
stunt teams, make up artists, prosthetic and practical effects, costume
designers... the list is endless.


Many of whom regularly work on some of the top sets in the UK and
across the world.
This access to some of the best talent in the industry results in a team of
passionate, capable people who we hand pick for whatever project comes
our way, we make sure we choose the right people for the right job.
We treat all our crew like family and create a warm and welcoming
atmosphere on set, it's how creative people work best! 




Our process from pre to post production means we need a lot of gear. If you want to endure how much gear we mean. Click here for a downloadable PDF!