We can bring to life any brand from design to commercial to advertising and broadcast promotions using our in house team of professional designers.


TV Channel Branding

Building a visually recognisable brand is an integral part of any
successful TV channel. We’ve worked on the branding for a
number of TV channels, including Sony’s Movies4Men,
Tru TV, Movie Mix and Pop! TV.


Check out this super-cool branding for ‘Roarsome’ on Pop!
TV. Yes, that is a T-Rex in the back garden.
And it’s hungry!


Visual Effects

With up-to-date graphics software, visual effects give us an amazing
amount of freedom of expression and control to get exactly what’s in our
heads on to the screen. Visual effects are on almost everything you see
in the cinema or on TV.


We have an in-depth understanding of how to make the most of
this incredible creative tool by hand picking some of the best
graphic artists in the business to produce fantastic results.


Motion Graphics

Our team of creatives are capable of beautiful animations from
the simplest images, breathing life into pretty much anything and
making it exciting and immersive! 

Check out this music video for ‘Te Quiero Mucho’ by Indalo Man.
It’s simple but visually striking, and a great example of what we can do.
And good luck getting the song out of your head afterwards—
our editors still can't!


Title Sequences

How do you create energy and atmosphere right from
the beginning of a film? With an exciting opening title sequence!
Check out this ‘A-Team’ style title sequence for the series
pilot of ‘Suicide Platoon’—a proposed TV drama series that
we hope will be on your TV screens very soon!